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2 definitions by LinZeHstAr

A Steven, usually male, is one of the most lovely people you could ever meet. Handsome, and charming to boot, he is loved by many. He can make you laugh without even trying and always knows when something's wrong. He's attractive but doesn't always know it. He's the sweetest guy you could ever meet, so once you've got him, don't let go. (:
Girl 1: i met this guy today, he's funny and gorgeous
Girl 2: he must be a Steven
by LinZeHstAr July 15, 2010
158 73
Cherub is a secret branch of MI5, for children. Made up mostly of orphaned children recruited from Care Homes, these kids receive the highest level of education in the UK, and often go on to the top Universities. By the time they leave at the age of 18 years they will be fluent in more than one alternative language. They will also have completed basic training: six months of cold, hard exercise, little sleep, little food and no comfort. They will also have completed a number of missions in which children are used to do things that adults cannot. Being a member of Cherub is completely optional, and children can refuse to be a part or drop out anytime. They can also refuse to do any mission which they are asked to go on. 'The reason for Cherub's existance is simple: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.'
This is tough, but Cherub's are tougher.
by LinZeHstAr July 15, 2010
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