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Acronym for "HELL YEAH BROTHER!"

Used to express genuine excitement (example A), or as a sarcastic expression of bewildered amusement derived from another's extreme behavior (example B).
by BLUMPKIN BAILEY June 18, 2011
65 16
how you been?
say girl, i ain't seen you in a minute hyb?
by gagamonstah May 07, 2010
9 34
A godlike person in every way or form. A being who can fly above the cloud with eyes closed while having head. Greatness, power, faith!
I wish i could be a hyb like.... hybrid!
by hYbr1d October 27, 2003
7 41
Hide Your Birds... A Movement based out of Montclair, New Jersey founded by two young men by the names of Shakir and Dominique. They consider it a lifestyle not a movement. Catching birds means getting girls. Most take pictures with a girl and their arms wrapped around them and make a the bird gesture as Napoleon Dynamite did in the movie.
Donald: Ayo man Reggie let me have that girl tommorow

Reg: Yeah Don you can have her, keep this HYB movement alive ya dig

Don: Yeah Man Hide Your Birds.
by hyb byrd catcher January 04, 2008
7 45