chocolate dildo's!!!!
steph loves hers lol
amy gets her bf to do it 4 her
by xxxamyxxx December 13, 2007
known to many as a menacing drugs fiend, a steph will do anything to get their paws on their filthy drugs. A steph will munch down any concoction of drugs given to them but would literally kill a small child for one toke of a spliff. Stephs can sometimes get desperate and are known to smoke any garden herb, or even scrat through dirty carpet for a hit.
Side affects of being a steph may include: loss of vocabulary, bags under the eyes, boobs decreasing in size overnight, lacking motivation in the bedroom and even falling over wigs.
"you gonna have a quiet one in or you doing a steph tonight?'

"man that guy just stephed out"
by Reugem May 06, 2008
Also a term used to describe a homo

i.e a girl who is 'partial to pussy'
"yeah I'm a steph"
"are you?!"
"yup. tell you mum to come get her underpants, she left them under my bed again"
by Junglekid December 03, 2006
A word used to describe a girl who's mother you have slept with.

It is used as a slur if the mother in question gave you an infection and/or AIDS
"Yeah thats Steph, her mum mate, corrrrr"
"yeah man, dirty how well gave me crabs though"

by Junglekid December 03, 2006
Stephs are more than likely going to be one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. Very often she will be smart, and extremely good-looking. Her smile will send a thousand rose-petals off the ground, just spinning around your heart. Stephs tend to be very trustworthy. She will always know exactly what to say to make you smile; flirty or true. She tends to be a big flirt, but when she finds a guy to settle down with, she will stop. Stephs have a lot of friends, and are very good in sports. She will fall in love very fast, and truly. She wont lie to you. She'll do basically anything she can just to make her one-and-only happy, even if that means going to the extreme. Can often be clingy, but in a cute way. She will always be there for you in any time of need. If you don't have a Steph as a friend (or more) already, it's time you head off and get one!
She is incredibly gorgeous! Is her name Steph?

That girl over there, Steph, is so sweet!

I wish I was a Steph!

I wish I had a Steph.

Love me, Steph.
by MysteryGuyThor September 22, 2015

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