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Adderall, Vyvanse, Speed, or any other 1 of those pills that gets you fucking steamy. Yanawmsayin?
Jamarcus: Yo my nigga u got a steamo?
Steven: Na dog, ate all them last night.
Jamarcus: you're fuckin Dead nigga!!!
by KingKoopster January 18, 2013
noun. Burgers from White Castle, officially known as "Sliders," but referred to as "steamos" for simplicity and ease of use. Named for the cooking process, which steams the burgers to an edible temperature.
"Man, I could really go for some steamos right now."

also used as a nickname for the actual restaurant

"I'm 'bout to head down to Steamo's. You in?"

the "os" ending can be applied to any menu item at White Castle. Sodas are "drinkos," chicken rings are "chickos," fish sandwiches are "swimmos," french fries are "potatos," etc.
by Johnny McSteam January 12, 2009
A gamer who uses his steam account the way an emo would his myspace. Someone who is obsessed with gaming popularity.
"I see the Steamos have all bought Left 4 Dead 2 this week"
by Kitty Heartilly March 07, 2010
to get drunk,hammered,pissed,shit faced,fucked of your tits,sloshed,wrecked.
At number 43 Haddon road kearnan,scott,tiff,witts,weasey and luthor were all getting ready to get steamo!
by Twinkly star July 19, 2006
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