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Adderall, Vyvanse, Speed, or any other 1 of those pills that gets you fucking steamy. Yanawmsayin?
Jamarcus: Yo my nigga u got a steamo?
Steven: Na dog, ate all them last night.
Jamarcus: you're fuckin Dead nigga!!!
by KingKoopster January 18, 2013
to savagely fuck somebody up
Jimmy - Yo your moms a whore
Anquan - Fuck U nigga, ill render you right now
Jimmy - Chill bro
by KingKoopster April 18, 2013
a dirty ass person. Usually smells very scringy.
Jim - Damn bro U fuckin Stink
John - No i dont dude
Jim - Take a shower u fuckin scringe!!
by KingKoopster April 23, 2013
Someone who has to be home before curfew. Typically Midnight
John - ahhhhlright fellas im gonna scram, im getting tired
Doug - alright later curfew boy
John - dude i swear im tired
Doug - then fuckin leave curfew boy
by KingKoopster April 25, 2013
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