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A sexual position where the girl, usually a slim athletic one, rides you as you both are sitting up facing each other, with her stradling you. She takes your "steak"(dick) and starts to "shake"(hump like crazy).

Also a OK quality grilled steak sandwich restaurant found throughout the midwest - in some places they also serve beer and the food quality is on the same level as Arby's.
After I picked her up at the gym, I took her to the Steak and Shake for dinner and some beer before we got home and did our own staek and shake!
by Joe August 03, 2003
Eating a delicious steak, and then immediately receiving a handjob of equal magnitude.
A random advertisement: "Feeling hungry AND horny? Come on into our top-rated restaurant today to receive the best steak and shake of your life! No meatgrinders here, on both counts!"
by shiftyclaybob September 26, 2011
The process of making a person felate you, spit it back out into your anal cavity, and retrieve it with their tongue.
Katy is such a slut, she gave me a steak and shake last night.
by bob September 28, 2003