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In other words: A1. First-class, excellent.
Dude! That new sled is steak sauce!
by Mytraxx March 20, 2006
The most elitist of all words when it comes to describe anything that is "above the margin".

As states in CBS's comedy "How I Met Your Mother" by the Neil Patrick Harris, who portrays womanizer bachelor "Barney Stinson".

Steaksauce is a term used only by those who are blessed enough to know it's divine meaning, it's common use will be started in South Florida, only because, well, South Florida is Steaksauce.

Often misunderstood by poor imbeciles, the term "Steaksauce" exceeds any other word that is used to describe anything that's extraordinary.

Everything that has been stated as "Steaksauce" is A-1.

A-1 because it is dubbed awesome, and nothing tops the greatest topper of all.

If you have been so blessed as to read this, and not be a sore loser, you my friend, are steaksauce!

When this word is commonly used, remember that you... are a true pioneer of the word....
Dude, that tie.... STEAKSAUCE..

This new manager at work... she is so fine... she's steaksauce.

Obama won the presidency...steaksauce...

1 dollar beer night... STEAKSAUCE!
by reefsurfer156 January 13, 2009
something that is top of the line, very hip
derived from a1 steak sauce
a is the best
1 is the best
steak sauce just sounds cooler
that car is so steak sauce.
by natewalsh March 21, 2006
word used to explain something that is legendary or awesome
dude, that tie is steak sauce!
by jatz70 January 10, 2011
Steaksauce = A1

When something is cool, dope, awesome, fly.
Those fake boobs are so steaksauce!!!
by Barney1364 March 21, 2006
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