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Basically, a half God. Has more powers than a mortal but less than a full-fledged god. All in theory.
Demigods dotn really exist, but I wish they did.
by bobie February 15, 2005
A demigod is a half mortal, half God. A demigod posses God like characteristic, in which some are humanly impossible, or exaggerations in which a mortal couldn't obtain; however posses certain mortal characteristics which leaves them vulnerable by mortal standards.
The great demigod Martell, while being able to read minds,walk on water, and posses amazing strength; can be killed with missles.
#demi god #demigods #semigod #semi gods #mortal #god
by Pai Mei July 19, 2006
half god, half mortal.. but usually a product of Zeus's swaggg
adam g is prac a demigod.
#demigods #zeus #pegasus #hades #tiger woods
by volkinator April 11, 2010
Soemone or something that is inbetween a God and a human.
God of Death is a demi-god.
by Yellow13 June 26, 2005
A human who has been made into a god; a transcendent human; a person who has qualities of a god.
Catholics view Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a demigod.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
Plural of demigod.
Catholics view the saints as demigods.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
Deathmetal/thrashmetal band in Torrington, CT. Uses many different rythems and themes for their music. More melodic than traditional death metal, faster than alot of thrash bands. Heavier than hardcore music. Main influences include slayer, king diamond, lamb of god, and deicide. Known for brutal shows, and superb musicianship.
some kid- "hey i got my ass kicked at that demigod show last night"

another kid- "Yeah that show rocked, i wish they would play everynight!!!"
#death metal #thrash metal #brutal music #torrington #ct #best band #evil
by Torrington's only August 22, 2007
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