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As the world searches for new and imaginative ways to conserve energy, many lavatories have been fitted with motion sensor lights, and timers that switch the lights off after a couple of minutes of inactivity. This normally happens at the very moment that you wipe your backside. A dirty surrender is performed when a second person enters the washroom - switching on the lights at the very moment that you are waving a skiddy paper flag over the cubicle wall, in a vain attempt at activating the motion sensor.
Imagine my embarrassment when Bob walked in to be faced with my dirty surrender from over the cubicle wall.
by Padace November 17, 2008
A starchild is commonly heralded as the perfect bowel movement. It is the result of single push' that produces a six inch long 'sinker' followed by a cluster of four or five tigernut-sized 'floaters'. These little balls bob to the surface in a perfect circle around the nutty sinker - in a beautiful, turgid synchronized display that draws gasps from the lucky squatter.
My life is complete - I just produced a perfect starchild.
by Padace August 07, 2008

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