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A 'bitch' which projects a stankified odour, due to improper hygiene or promiscuity
If that stank bitch dosn't close her legs I'm leaving
by Max Farrello February 02, 2009
One who runs off with anothers man.
That stank bitch best keep run'n, because shes off with my man Robert.
by Digger July 11, 2005
1)a nasty slut
2)a female that constantly bitch and complain. one who is acting bitchy.
1)That's a stank bitch, she can't keep her legs closed.
2)OMFG!! She is acting like a stank bitch!! She just can't shut up about the same shit
by SieSieBby. December 23, 2008
a dirty grymy ass bitch
kid 1-Hey King Chav!
me- What?
kid 1- Patty Wag is a Stank Bitch
me- haha yes he is haha
by King Chav Zarate July 12, 2011
A stuck up fucker woman who thinks she's the shit, when in reality she's just a used up dirty whore.
"Shut your fucking lying mouth you stank Bitch"
by Wake~N~Bake March 06, 2014
a male or female that acts snoody without proper reasoning; or someone who spends time on priorities but you smell like camel shit.
1. If you walk around ignoring people and your breathe smell like dog shit, you a stankbitch

2. You spend your time preparing your outfit and your breath smell like horse shit, you a stankbitch

3. If you a female and you attend Clark Atlanta University, but you wear Spelman College apparel, you a stankbitch.

4. You think you fresh, but you have holes in your socks the size of quarters, you a stankbitch
by Larry Alexander January 21, 2010
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