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A very nice and caring girl who is very hot. And who is also very funny and great to be around.
girl #1 "aw look at her she is so nice!"
girl#2 " Yeah, shes such a Patrice!"
by PinkZebra111 February 02, 2009
Patrice- The cautest girlfriend in the entire world. Looks better than you and anyone you know. A patrice is a perfect person.
Man 1-Damn who the hell is that?

Man 2-I dont know but she sho' is Patrice.
by T-Swivvles July 14, 2009
Verb: to patrice
the act of being passionate about life and certain aspects of it, such as film, art and people; can act intensely, rashly, be a bit ridiculous; very lovable
Man, that film director will patrice forever, she really is enthuthastic about life!
by shtuff414!! March 21, 2009
the alternate word for legend
male 1: "did you see that dunk that he did?"
male 2: "yeah, that guy is such a patrice
by yeahhh25 February 22, 2010
A name showing the contradictory nature of the relationship between France and England. In English, Patrice is generally a feminine name. In French, it is generally masculine. In both cases, it means noble.
Patrice: "You won't believe it, but that foreign exchange student from France totally has my name!"

Friend: "HAHA! Wow! No wonder he's French!"

Know-it-all: "Actually i-"

Patrice & Friend: "No one cares, smart-ass."
by mnemonics July 30, 2010
the act of being the life of the party, or being the mvp in a championship game, completing a monster project early, messing up the curve for all the losers by getting hundred percents, you get the picture
"Did you see me on the court? I patriced that shit"
by gugobz March 28, 2009
Slowly tapping a girls vagina during casual conversation without her noticing.
I saw you pat rice that girl the other day. How did you get away with it?!
by sierraboys October 06, 2011
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