A country girl at heart that loves music and is good at her school work. She is quiet and hardly ever shows her feelings. She picks her friends wisely, and only has a few she really trusts.
She never talks, she reminds me of a stacey
by Anonymous790 May 15, 2013
A love child of goth and a dementor, in her presence you feel your life force slipping away and her black clothes look like creeping shadows. She is the embodiment of doom.
Person one - Have you heard the legend of the 'Stacey'?
Person two - No dude that's too scary!
by Wereduck of E September 18, 2014
Usually has a bad attitude wines all the time and is a short dork.
Person 1 did you hear Stacey wining
Person 2 yeah she is so weird and has I bad attitude
by Todturtle August 25, 2016
Attention seeker.
Like to feign many types illnesses and capture innocent retarded men for evil doings and drunken fun wearing her moms clothes.
Wears make-up that reflects car headlights, this stops The Stacey from being run over (the last thing The Stacey needs is an actual injury)
Only friend is a potato with lipstick on.
Girl 1: Ohhhh i'm sorry, my stomach hurts... and my arm and hair... I can't come in to day.... *groans*

Girl 2: Get the fuck up, don't be pullin' no Stacey on my today bitch! Oh and give your mom her clothes back and throw that fucking dirty spud away!
by thepinkyswear June 23, 2014
a beautiful redhead. plays video games. down to earth personality with a laid back attitude. loves to help people. overall she is the perfect woman.
Person A: wow she is beautiful, and is she really playing video games in the arcade?

Person B: your right and she is!!

Person A: she must be a Stacey!
by ima.gaylord February 06, 2010
She's a basic bitch. Mean to everybody, redheaded mainly, and coldhearted.
"Hey, nice jacket!"
"Shut the fuck up."
"No need to be a Stacey."
by Jinx Fuckem July 30, 2013
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