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The correct way to spell Stacy.
Stacey sounds better with an e.
by StaceyTAwesome February 23, 2009
Attention seeker.
Like to feign many types illnesses and capture innocent retarded men for evil doings and drunken fun wearing her moms clothes.
Wears make-up that reflects car headlights, this stops The Stacey from being run over (the last thing The Stacey needs is an actual injury)
Only friend is a potato with lipstick on.
Girl 1: Ohhhh i'm sorry, my stomach hurts... and my arm and hair... I can't come in to day.... *groans*

Girl 2: Get the fuck up, don't be pullin' no Stacey on my today bitch! Oh and give your mom her clothes back and throw that fucking dirty spud away!
by thepinkyswear June 23, 2014
She's a basic bitch. Mean to everybody, redheaded mainly, and coldhearted.
"Hey, nice jacket!"
"Shut the fuck up."
"No need to be a Stacey."
by Jinx Fuckem July 30, 2013
a beautiful redhead. plays video games. down to earth personality with a laid back attitude. loves to help people. overall she is the perfect woman.
Person A: wow she is beautiful, and is she really playing video games in the arcade?

Person B: your right and she is!!

Person A: she must be a Stacey!
by ima.gaylord February 06, 2010
A complete +utter cunt.
she is in love with shaws.
ohaye big time!
she bums kloe.

+shes a complete hoe.

Stacey's also love fapping.

she's lovely really. :)
Matt -That girl is such a slag

Liam -She's such a stacey.
by im me. :D August 20, 2009
someone who is an utter prick and wants sex 24/7
Stacey: Hey, wanna fuck? I'm horny as hell
guy: Nah g, just had a wank init
by juvelad October 28, 2011
A fat ulcer you get under your scrotum when you have been having sex with dirty whores. Its impossible to sit or stand when you have one.
Jim: "dude, I slept with that dirty slut last night and now I can't even get up to go to the bathroom"
Greg:" yeah dude I think you got a stacey from her"
by ken malone November 05, 2011