1. A big city in Missouri on the Mississippi River that's Home of Cardinals (MLB), Rams (NFL), and Blues(NHL).
2. An awesome city with a nice skyline thanks to the Gateway Arch.
3. Home to a large Bosnian population.
4. Also Known As STL, the Louie, the L.
5. A city with one of the highest crime rates in the US.
6. Hometown of Nelly, Chingy, Jibbs & J-Kwon.
7. The most badass home town you can have!
I'm from St. Louis, the city with the steel arch.
by DMIR August 18, 2008
THIS CITY IS THE SHIT....not the biggest city or greatest city ever but you gotta respect it..i mean it has that arch which nothing beats
from tha lou and im proud.. st louis representa
by ecot October 25, 2005
1. The home of Budwiser, Nelly and Chingy

2. A very Rough City, ranked number 2 for most dangerous city to live in. The west part of st louis is more white collar and has more money. Gets more Ghetto towards the east and north sides of the city.

3. Just about the only place in missouri that has stuff to do other than kansas city and a population over 2 million.

4. pretty much one of the coolest cities in the midwest.

5. nobody outside of the midwest knows where it is.
person 1: Where the hell is st louis?
Person 2: Missouri, you dumbass.
by Card Fan June 14, 2006
1.The 2nd most dangerous city in the US. This is because the crime rates in the counties weren't averaged in,and that's because the city and the county are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
2.The location of the best tap water in the US. WHAT NOW! We also have toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, Ted Drews, and the cardinals.
St louis has good food and nice people and Forest park, therefore it totally OWNS all the other cities.
by stealthylikeninja August 02, 2007
St. Louis
The Greater St. Louis Area is the only urbanized area in the state of Missouri. (NOT MIZ-UR-AH!) There are NO farms in the area short of the tourist-y places like Grant's Farm, but even that is at least a fifteen min. drive from the city. Essentially, the entire Jewish population of Missouri lives in the suburbs of St. Louis and surrounding areas like University City,(aka U City, or Jew City.) Once you are half and hour's drive from St. Louis, the trailers get bigger, the trucks get bigger, and the people get bigger, and congratulations, you're officially in MIZ-UR-AH, the redneck part of the state.
Stupid St. Louis Laws
-It's illegal to sit on the curb of any city street and drink beer from a bucket. This law refers back to the extinct Italian celebration, Hill Day, when beer was served in buckets.
-A milk man may not run while on duty.
by Jo Sky August 14, 2006
Substitute for the sexual innuendo to ram. St. Louis is the home of the Rams...
Yo man, would you St. Louis that?
by emorystu September 27, 2010
The capital of flyover country. Also the gay capital of the Midwest. St. Louis has the most broken educational system in the Midwest, whereby the "good" schools are segregated by sex, and the "bad" schools are not about education so much as they are about incarceration. The colleges in St. Louis are completely overrated and prepare students for a life of Midwest Mediocrity. Any college graduate with an ounce of ambition avoids St. Louis like the plague.

St. Louis is a very segregated city - The North side is for the brothers and sisters, the South side is for the "hoosiers," the West side is for the privileged snobs and the East Side is where you go for strippers. People live in St. Louis because the cost of living is dirt cheap. Most inhabitants of St. Louis have given up on life and are completely out of shape. You will find a McDonald's every two blocks, but a Subway once in a blue moon.

St. Louis is as boring as any city in the Midwest. There is one block in Midtown that has two or three "hip" bars where young people go to pretend having a good time. The entire town is obsessed with baseball, so all fun-loving St. Louisans stay home every night and watch the baseball game. St. Louis has many parks, but at any given time the park is inhabited by an abundance of promiscuous gay men.

St. Louis is the ultimate "trap city."
Joe: "Why are you moving to St. Louis?"

Bob: "I want to get fat, send my kid to an all-boys school and stay home every night watching TV!"
by STLR0X August 01, 2012
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