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A corrupt, dirty, midwestern city on the border of illinois that has one of the highest crime, theft, obesity and std rates in the country, has one of the lowest literacy rates and is still stuck in 1960's. Thier only claims to fame are the arch, a retarted knockoff of horseshoes called washers (prounounced warschers) and toasted ravioli. Almost 95% of guys in st. louis are pink polo shirt wearing, collar poppin, wanna be frat boy douschebags. About the same percentage of girls only care about what you drive and how much money you make. Everyone in St. Louis thinks they know each other so you will be constantly asked where you went to high school and who you know and hang out with. Also you will be judged on where you grew up or which part of town you live in. West= posh and stuck up SOUTH= white trash EAST and North= ghetto. Also the word ignorant is used no stop and no one really knows what it means. ex...
Person A: Wanna go to boogaloo and get a drink?
Person B: Boogaloo! hell no that place is ignorant.
Also the weather is humid in the summer and cold in the winter. St. Louis also has a scary insect problem (espically cockroaches. If your planning to look for good bears in St. Louis your screwed. They only have 1 mediocre brewery called schlafly, and other than that it's all budweiser. If you go about 1/2 hour anywhere outside the city limits your in the country and can visit renouned places like Bob's one stop which sells boats, propane, alchohol and guns, and hang out with pregnant ladies with mullets wearing camoflage
St. Louis missourah
by steve720 January 20, 2009

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