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A baby sasquatch
The mother sasquatch and her squitch were seen crossing the road.

The bigfoot was video taped along with its two squitches.
by Ian Moreno July 29, 2010
a sexual activity that involves the simultaneous squirting of both female partners due to a sex toy, fingering, or other means of achieving orgasm
omg i had so much fun squitching last night, lets do it again sometime
by animelover58 February 27, 2015
A person who is both a squid (like in Rocket Power) and a bitch.
Mark: Who the fuck ate all the chips and salsa?

David: It must have been Nick. He is such a fucking squitch.
by Guruboy February 10, 2011
When your nickname is squirrel and you bitch alot
Josh Yoho is a squitch
by Adolf Oliver Niples January 14, 2007
Squirrel + Bitch; Small rodent with the ability of climbing trees to get nuts and being as cruel and sarcastic as possible.
"Holy Shit! Its a squitch! O.O"
"What the chip you looking at? >.>"
by Lalias March 16, 2008
A wet fart, especially the sneaky kind when you feel you can get away with a normal fart before you go to the toilet.
Damn! I just did a squitch at band practice and my chair STINKS!
by pentozali March 09, 2008
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