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A large repository of every idea you could ever have, no matter how clever or seemingly unique it may be.
I thought of "That's nacho cheese, it's mine!" but the Internet already had that in about a million places.
by guruboy January 20, 2010
A person's metaphoric wang, the size of which being related to his apparent devotion to the environment via principles, purchases, lame t-shirts and bumper stickers, etc. "Green" comes from the color commonly associated with environmentalism, and "peen" is short for penis. Duh.
While Ryan greatly enlarged his greenpeen by purchasing a Prius, Sean's Highlander Hybrid provided a decent enlargement while also allowing him to keep his dignity.
by Guruboy July 21, 2008
The thing that a court jury demonstrates when they make decisions and rulings based more on beliefs outside of law, or to appear more important than their jury position entails. It usually involves decisions based on facts that don't pertain to the actual charges in any way.

It doesn't have to be a grand jury. That just makes the pun work is all.
Everyone knew that Mr. Chang was a dangerous assassin, but the prosecution had no legal evidence whatsoever. Luckily, the jury showed delusions of grand jury by sentencing him to death. See in this one, the grand jury reference does make sense.

The jurors exhibited delusions of grand jury when they convicted the man solely on the basis that he liked to carve wooden figurines.
by Guruboy July 24, 2008
In poker, when a board card is revealed and its suit is part of a player's hand, but the value of the card is unsatisfying. Generally this card eliminates the player's chance at a straight flush, leaving him with just a flush or at least a flush draw. In most cases, this is the river card.
Jack: Whoa, did that just give you a straight flush?

Andrew: No. I got the suit, but not the value.

Chris: Should have gone to Men's Warehouse.
by Guruboy July 24, 2008
A person who is both a squid (like in Rocket Power) and a bitch.
Mark: Who the fuck ate all the chips and salsa?

David: It must have been Nick. He is such a fucking squitch.
by Guruboy February 10, 2011
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