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1. (n) A sex partner.
2. (n) refers to the sound that two lovers make when having sex.

3. (n) der. used by subculture robosexuals and android fuckers to describe those that do not have sex with inanimate objects or human-like beings.

Syn. Organasmic, Breeders, Secretors
Ant. Robot Fuckers, Android Fuckers, Androidsexual
Rebecca, a human, is my favorite squisher!

Paul and Max are just a couple of squishers.
by Ramsausage July 23, 2010
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Southern speak for a manually operated coffee maker. Also know as the french press.
I hope the last person to use the squisher cleaned it.
by wampanator June 04, 2010
squisher = the best guy ever
shiznizzle is the best squisher
by SHIZNIT December 23, 2003

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