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n. a woman who really thinks she's an interesting artist, but is actually just a poser whos "cool" comes from who she dates/marries. a woman who makes really annoying art and tries to pretend it's "heavy' . an energy sucker. someone who's attempts at being "avant garde" come off to real artists as sensless crap. a woman who shows up at band practice and makes suggestions.

v. to be this kind of woman. to be a woman who stunts a man's artistic abilities in favor of her own mediocre ones .
"hey , bob's music has become very boring, and i havent seen him in months. he used to be really productive

"well, he got married to a yoko, what do you expect"

'what the hell is that horrible noise in the background of bob's new recording"

"man, you just noticed? he got yoko'd last year and its been like that ever since"
#poser #klingon #glommer #energy sucker #wannabe
by phaedrider November 16, 2009
an over powered motorcycle bought by fresh out of boot camp navy personnel, and then driven at high speed into an overpass in the desert, resulting in one less douchebag on wheels.
boatswain's mate first class jones" where's seaman apprentice smith? "

seaman carter " he bought a squid squisher yesterday and they are still peeling parts of him off I-8 "
#douchecycle #rice rocket #gsxr #bro'torcycle #penis enhancer
by phaedrider June 13, 2010
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