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The Slurpee of The Simpsons
I'll Have An All Syrup Squishee
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 14, 2008
People who are more than friends but less than in a relationship. The in between point for people who like each other and aren't willing or ready to advance their relationship.
Sydney and Daniel snuggle on the couch, but they don't kiss so they are Squishee's
by Daniel Beaton December 08, 2005
An old person, espescially one that has become saggy and, well, squishy.
I would have been here earlier, but I got stuck behind a Squishee doing 45 in a 60 zone.
by Dean Bolton October 16, 2008
a noob fucktard who sucks at everything possible, fuktard thinks he knows every, is only 12 years old, fucks and molests old men, thinks hes better than everyone and tries to suck is fucking small shitty cock thats soft and squishy. Brags like a fuck in front of sluts and fucks.
omgwtf dont be a squishee
suck cocks if ur a squishee

im a squishee fucktard.
by squishee gayfuck March 01, 2005