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A word for a small or young worm. Originates on the blogging website tumblr.
"There is no name for a baby worm, it's just called a worm."
"I'll call them squigglets"
by wolffieworldorder December 21, 2013
An affectionate and endearing name given to a young child resembling an adorable, squidgy, squirmy little piglet, which it seems most kids are at some stage ;)

An enchantingly cheeky and mischievous little toddler.
I'm taking the squigglet to the zoo tomorrow.

All my little squigglet does at the moment is eat tonnes and wiggle around all over the place, trying to get to everything!! *giggles*

My baby is the original squigglet. ;)
by mystikmuze April 18, 2011