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When someone is sleeping take your testicles and place them over the persons eyes. Then let your penis rest on their nose, giving them the appearance of Squidward.
Douchebag: "Bro, when my girl was sleeping this morning I gave her a Squidward!"

Douchnozzle: "Duuude...that's funny as fuck!"
by Downtown Tony July 15, 2010
(verb) to squidward.

The act of taking a shit on a girls chest, picking it up, slapping it on her face, then carefully sculpting it around her nose into a beautiful rendition of Squidward's nose from the popular kids tv show Spongebob Squarepants.
squidwarder: Hey guys, you'll never guess what happened last night! Sarah and I were having sex and she wanted me to give her a squidward.

friend 1: That's sick dude, get out of here.
friend 2: We're not friends anymore. Wait a second, you got a picture of that shit?
by the biggest cheese March 11, 2010
What an erect penis looks like from a womans view when laying her head on his stomach.
Looking at his penis it reminded me of Squidward
by krissi d December 08, 2009
The saggy part of a beanie when someone wears a beanie.
Do you like that guy's beanie. Yeah he's rocking the squidward
by Squidwardlover328 March 02, 2011
The act of placing ones balls onto the eyes of an individual while the shaft falls onto the nose and mouth creating the look of a squidward mask
Fool you passed out with your shoes on so you got the squidward hahah... "damn"
by theniggys October 10, 2010
When a girl shoves a clarinet, flute, picalo, or any other such instrument in her pussy and plays a harmonic melody. this is derived from squidward tentacles from spongebob, since he was always playing a clarinet.
That chick from American Pie, told that guy about the time she pulled off a squidward at band camp.
by philyphan2012 March 03, 2011
A white, skinny ass person who is lazy and can't think straight
Squidward was being pasty again.
by Nick Brady March 06, 2009