The skid mark a shit leaves on the bottom of the bowl.
John: That squidwards been in the toilet for like a week now!!
Joe: Piss that fucker off
John : k
by Hronk June 22, 2013
A badass octopus who doesn't play with shit.
Squidward: "and I curse everyone who ever enjoyed it to an early, and well deserved, GRAVE!"
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 13, 2013
A man's genitalia.
"OMG what do you think of Chuck?"
"I don't know, it looks as if his squidward is a little small..."
by Steve Tuesday June 03, 2015
The act of placing the testicles and penis over someone's eyes and nose to make them appear to be squidward tentacles.
Hey babe, can I squidward you later??

He's really cute, I wonder if he'd let me squidward him?
by tentacle90 April 14, 2014
To smoke or engage in smoking marijuana.
Yo, its squidward time.
You ready for squidward.
by Meg Millions October 23, 2006
God are hearing this from an atheist.

Squidward is God.
Do not deny it. You know the truth.
Squidward is God, and Squilliam (God's highschool nemesis/powner) is the Antichrist.
by Bill (A.K.A. Scallop) January 19, 2012
When a guy flips his balls above his penis so his balls look like squidward's head and your dick looks like his nose.
"Dude go put a squidward in his mouth"
by yanks1194 June 05, 2009
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