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When you place your genitals over a persons face (Male/Female). Place your testicles on the eyes and your cock over the nose to resemble the Spongebob Squarepants character Squidward.
I gave your Mum 'The Squidward' last night.
#cock #testicles #squidward #spongebob #mum.
by The Squidward February 23, 2008
I.E. Roman helmet ... Where a man places his testicles on top of each of a woman's eyes and lays his penis down her nose.
She was denying me sex, so after she passed out, I gave her The Squidward
#squidward #roman helmet #the squidward #tea bag #teabag
by Jason5star December 31, 2010
A sexual act where a man uses a raw squid tube as a condom then engages in anal sex and ejaculates in the squid. Afterwards, him or his partner eat the semen filled squid tube.

The remains of the squid is considered a delicacie and is often fought over.
Me and my boyfriend did the squidward last night. The asshole didn't share any of the squid .
by Cosbycosplay April 11, 2016
Where you drop your balls over someones nose and let you dick hang as their nose
Guy: Hey. He passed out wanna give him the squidward?
#squidward #balls #nose #face #penis
by ESwagmeout! December 29, 2011
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