A white, skinny ass person who is lazy and can't think straight
Squidward was being pasty again.
by Nick Brady March 06, 2009
When a guy takes his balls and puts them over the girls eyes and put his dick over the nose so they look like squidward from Spongebob
We were having so much fun i gave her the squidward.
by Paul L January 14, 2006
a character in spongebob squarepants who has a thing hanging down from his face and is irritated by almost everthin except himself.
hey, i feel squidward.. and stop disturbing me.
by ? January 11, 2004
noun: a penis.

Originated from the term spongebob.
My squidward is hard.
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
tucking your penis between your legs while leaving your testicles untucked so that it appears to make the face of "Squidward."
Imagine this image: 0||0
Though in reality it is much more Squidward-like.
by hr puffinstuff December 23, 2007
girl with a really big nose
Shutup squidward no one asked for your opinion!!!!! The guy from spongebob squarepants with the really big nose.
by Luke Kreiman December 10, 2007
noun. After having cummed in a woman's nose and their voice becomes all nasally...
stop! stop! Im becoming a squidward!
by ___ the Man February 24, 2007

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