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(verb) to squidward.

The act of taking a shit on a girls chest, picking it up, slapping it on her face, then carefully sculpting it around her nose into a beautiful rendition of Squidward's nose from the popular kids tv show Spongebob Squarepants.
squidwarder: Hey guys, you'll never guess what happened last night! Sarah and I were having sex and she wanted me to give her a squidward.

friend 1: That's sick dude, get out of here.
friend 2: We're not friends anymore. Wait a second, you got a picture of that shit?
by the biggest cheese March 11, 2010
23 26
The 'straight guy' on the comedy known as spongebob Squarepants
"you have to feel sorry for Squidward sometimes"
by JimmyK September 12, 2003
787 173
The only normal character on the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a squid.
Squidward said that SpongeBob is immature.
by Nick September 20, 2003
536 133
A character in Spongebob Squarepants who always behave seriously and realistic unlike the main character.
Squidward is way more cool than Spongbob.
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
504 131
a squid with a cock hanging from its face on the cartoon spongebob squarepants. it likes to play the skinflute and yell at the funny characters on the show
oh my word thats a huge cock on that squidwards face
by cocksponge squareballs September 22, 2003
600 306
One of my many many many obsessions.
He is spongebob's neighbor and is the only person on spongebob who is realistic but still funny in a way.
"Squidward is so awesome!^^ MOOOOOT!"-Me
by Laurel_Rokz January 14, 2007
212 87
When a guy flips his balls above his penis so his balls look like squidward's head and your dick looks like his nose.
"Dude go put a squidward in his mouth"
by yanks1194 June 05, 2009
181 108
(Noun) - The Squidward is the most advanced and technical form of teabagging. To perform a Squidward maneuver, one must carefully place scrotum above the nose (perfect form involves gently lowering one's nuts onto the victim's eye sockets) and proceed to flop his/her penis on the victim's nose. This will replicate the character of Squidward from Spongebob, and leave one with ultimate disgrace and shame.

(Verb) - To Squidward. Squidwarded.
"Man, after Thomas passed out Leon came over and gave him the most vile Squidward I have ever seen."

Thomas - "...Wow...Shane would have a really nice Squidward."

"I think this dbag wants a Squidward to the face."

"I Squidwarded that kid so bad...I kind of feel bad for him."
by TheSquidward April 26, 2009
87 63