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the lead singer of dir en grey's attempt to say fucker in the 'domestic fucker family'
'Foocha Foocha Radical Foocha Trans Psycho Pleasure'
by Lunarotimas December 03, 2005
1.an expresion of extreme cheerfulness that goes beyond words. Typically used by hyper people
2.an extremely high pitch sound effect that represents fear
3. a character in JTHM that is nicknamed this for his often outburts of it (see #2)
1. the girl opened her present "SQUEE!!! how did you find this?!?!?!"

2.the murderer walked by the kid "i think i'll kill you!"
"Squee! noooo"

3. The homicidal maniac walked by the kid ranting about how hard it was to find good cleaning products because of the bloodstains in the rugs "so what's your name, hmmm?"
"Squee hmm? that's cute"
by lunarotimas February 09, 2005
see sqee please >< god i suck at spelling
erm... i was trying to spell squee but accidentally put in sqee
by lunarotimas February 28, 2005

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