Squatting to take a shit in the woods like Sasquatch (Bigfoot).
When I was out hiking I had to squatch one on the trail.
by mizrabull September 30, 2003
The powerfully intense poop you take the day after a night/day of heavy drinking. ....basically the hangover-shit.
ugggghhh breh I'm hungover as fack......i think i feel a squatch a brewin
by Houston meza December 25, 2013
an abnormal unfreakishly large bitch. In height and in weight. Like if she looks like Kendrick Perkins. You know can't be too skinny and can't be too large. Just bulky, solid. Like she could play small/power forward in a 3-on-3 game.
1. Damn Squatch can you back the fuck up so I can see the sun.

2. Squatch, can you change that street light for me.
by mrholloway August 05, 2009
The amount of wrapper and plate build-up after you smoke.
That's a nice squatch you have on your coffee table.
by cag3287 November 04, 2010
n. - a leech, or a bum / vagrant. one who intrudes on others' resources.
v. - to steal (less common)
n. - "who was that squatch at riordan's party last night drinking all the beer?"

v. - "let's squatch that vodka"
by cov January 14, 2009
The soft mound of flesh where the majority of pubic hair can be found. Typically found only on the human female.
1) That chic has got the hairiest Squatch i have ever seen.
2) That chic loves to be dick smacked on the Squatch.
by Just Todd... November 23, 2006
to have a go? have a piece of, say, an object like cake
gies a squatch of yer wine?
gies a squatch of your phone?
by miiiiiiiiimzandyzzy January 17, 2009

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