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When you settle an argument; when you're no longer upset/interested in a dispute.
Bob: I'm sorry for picking a fight with you last night.
Dave: It's squashed.
by Los Angelina May 11, 2009
The act of an obesed women jumping on a thin man during sex
"Hey man, Eddie totally got squashed last night"...."I know i felt the earthquake, felt like a 4.6"
by Veronica O February 14, 2008

1. The state obtained by consuming copious quantity's of assorted non-specific drugs. Usually associated with, but not limited to, dizziness, euphoria, loss of conciseness, anonymous sex, good vibes, bad vibes, erectile dysfunction, raging boners, the giggles, the munchies, and an overall sense that, quote, "Last night was fucking awesome."
Synonyms: Smashed, Plastered, Hammered, Blown, Trashed, ect.
Antonyms: Being a pussy, wallflowering, sobriety, ect.
Jordan: "Holy shit Brandon I've never been so squashed in my life!"
Brandon: "I'll bet! Three G's, a bottle of Vick's, and two drops of adrenocrome will do that to a person."
Jordan: "By the way, have you seen my car?"
Brandon: "It's on the roof."
by Col. Mustard with the Ice Pick April 10, 2013
a description of the body type of a guy who is short yet incredibly muscular, he looks as if he were meant to be taller and God hit him over the head squashing him down to a shorter stature
That guy is so squashed, he looks like he should be 6 feet tall.
by kkkkatie p September 26, 2010
The destroying of any member of the squash family on an enemy's porch, car, house, etc.
Bro!! Shawndiqua was bein too i squashed the shit outta her.
by edwardsvillenigga November 08, 2010
(v.) The act of having sex with one.
Most commonly used by Alex Justus of Crosspointe, Fairfax Station, VA 22039
Alex: Hey Mike, last night I squashed Ashley well
Mike: Why would you use the word squashed you asshole
by Stephen Koch February 02, 2005
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