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2014 word for thot
Man she a squally!
Where the squallies at?
Dumb squally.
by asaprodney December 31, 2013
2014 word for thot
This fucking squally keeps texting me

She a squally bro
Mann I don't fuck with them squallies
by ayeeeitssam January 05, 2014
Plural for squally, meaning hoes or thotties. Not looking to be in a real relationship, just planning on fucking around with any guy that has a big dick. It's funny because squallies sounds like squirrels and squirrels eat nuts just like hoes waab !
You can't trust those squallies man.
I'm tired of squallies trying to get with me like fuck off.
These squallies be sucking dick for their daily meals, smh.
by chacha_JOYask January 08, 2014
A squally is a a girl who goes after guys a lot.
like a squirrel that goes after nuts.so it makes her a squally
by UP yours January 10, 2014
A female who is always trying to get her some nuts( you know how SQUIRRELS love nuts). But in this case, the female wants a guys testicles.
Female: mmmmm boy I would love to see what is in them pants
Man:' maaan bitch you don't even know my name! I can't stand squallies forreal forreal!
by fatbich February 25, 2014
A homie hopper or a girl thats fucking a group a friends, a girl that go to friend to friend.
Friend 1: "DAMN, She fuck with you too"

Friend 2: "Yeah, we started yesterday"

Friend 3: "She was just on my dick, now she on yall two as well"

Girl 1: "Hey Guys"

Friend 2: "Shut Up Squally"
by NoFlyZone August 02, 2014
A younger person who is dressed with the latest trends and are really cute for their age. Usually found in groups composed of people of their age who are also dressed trendy. This word is usually used among high schoolers calling middle schoolers it.
Rameya: Omg girl look at that boy. He has nice shoes and everything.
Sydney: He's dressed nice but he's a squally.

Rameya: yeah, he is a bit young for us.
by truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu June 12, 2014