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Thotties are promiscuous females, sluts.
Often like to participate in drinking and doing drugs. Most "Thotties" are often times young single mothers who live with their parents. They are typically someones "plaything" and are tooted and booted very quickly. Most men will not marry this type of female but will however spend a couple days partying with such and then move on. As a result a "Thottie" will end up single again, looking for another dude to get "Turnup" with, or they will end up with a baby.
Term made popular by the sensation from Chicago known as Chief Keef.
I ain't even playin tho

i make bitches fly like peter pan tho
That's why i just ask you
You's a alcoholic I ain't got no time for you
Is you off the molly if i book your flight is you gonna top me
Okay you got me
I don't love no thotties
-Chief Keef "Love No Thotties"
by GoalDigger September 19, 2013
Photos & Videos
Those Hoes Over There (plural to THOT)
Look at those Thotties!
by LITTLEMISSMUNCH7252 March 02, 2016
A group of female dumbasses who are just plain thirsty; plural of the noun,"Thot".; those hoes over there
- Aye man, how it work with Guaquiqui and her fine friend Squakiesha? Hit me up fam
- Nah boi, them some thotties bruh, the whole squad been with them
by Xjojosenpaix June 23, 2016
Girls who fall for fuckbois, stuff there bras and wear two bras at once, think they the shit, look like fucking seals and sloths and caterpillar eyebrows, have two friends, hang out with other Thotties, always pull up there pants but really they getting a camel toe, has no boobs or ass, are fucking ugly, stupid as fuck too.
Did you see Mia and Sarah today?

Yeah they are Fucking Thotties.
by Yuhyuh January 31, 2015
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