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A very old wrinkly person.
The kind that have tennis balls on the bottom of their walkers, and shake their fists at people when they are angry.
They are generally angry people.
Look at those squagily squags over there playing checkers, they keeping squagging about those youngins.
by Sheldon101202 December 12, 2008
Person who licks monkey balls. Queer. Jerk. Person who trick people into thinking that someone isnt really the person they thought they were via text message.
cole is such a squag!
by SquagHater June 25, 2011
A person of poor social stance and social skills.
They stare at you on public transport.
They have generaly bad odour, behave like sheep and have no comprehension of the phrase "You get what you give"
A substitute for the word fuck... Very versatile and can be used with any given appendage.
"Holy fuck!- That dick-cheese is the biggest squag I ever met, what with his mangled face and all."
"Squag off you bollocking squag stain"
'"Squag you, squagging squag faced squag squag!"
by Rhiannon Anna January 15, 2006
Someone who pisses you off, annoys you or your friends. An annoying person who won't leave someone alone even when told to.
A controlling ex-boyfriend.
by Wouldn't you like to know July 05, 2005
First nations female who is terrible at their job; worthless, but feels important. Has the sickest swag ever seen, but clueless to the real worth. Peter calls them constantly
HR manager whos really busy doing nothing, and never returns a call/email because they're a huge swagger hound;squag
by hizzyhound August 01, 2013
That odd, squiggly-sounding noise made by one's stomach during the digestive process.
Did you hear that sound? It was like- 'squiggle iggle squag diggle oig oig oig?' That was a LONG squag, man!
by ogphil February 16, 2011
A sort of walk in which one points the pinkie toes upward. Much like a strut combined with a motor deficiency.
BRO! You have got one squag of a SQUAGGA-SWAGGA!
by ogphil February 15, 2011

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