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That odd, squiggly-sounding noise made by one's stomach during the digestive process.
Did you hear that sound? It was like- 'squiggle iggle squag diggle oig oig oig?' That was a LONG squag, man!
by ogphil February 16, 2011
1. To do what another party wishes to do; especially a significant other.
2. To be carefree and lighthearted about how one spends their time.
Verb: To squag

Well honey, you seem to want to do that, so I'll just squag.

I think we should just stay home and squag tonight.
by N Fisher July 05, 2005
Another name for a cigarette. almost like square, but a little less obvious of a nickname. It is mostly used among teens in Illinois (atleast in the Chicago-land area?)
Dude, i just totally lit up some squags before volleyball practice. Can you smell it?
by Hella Smokes February 19, 2009
1. the butt of the choir teacher from Williams high school

2. A massive erection that supasses jet planes because of the choir teachers butt.
1. I wish I could burry my face in that squag!

2. Dang I wish my squag would go down, it's starting to hurt!
by Explosive tip November 21, 2010