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A tiny, or small amount
"oh my gosh, that skirt is too short. You should pull that down a squaff".
"You smell funny. You should put some perfume on, but just a squaff".
by Maggie Peake March 04, 2011
1. When something is either out of place, looks strange ,is skew or off center.
2. when someone acts out of line, or is being vulgar
1. " Don't put the lamp there, because it looks squaff now." or "That building looks kind of squaff."
2. "Don't be so squaff, we're in public." or Peter was acting squaffishly after he had too many drinks.
by Ant-of-the-knee February 12, 2014
when you misshit the ball or object
he kicked the ball but failed epicly,
" what a fuckin SQUAFF " he shouted!!
by squaff123 May 31, 2010
To go drinking with friends. Derived from the word "quaff" which means to "to drink heartily", squaff means "Let's Quaff".
I need a beer... squaff!
by Squeat November 16, 2006
To turn a kiss on the cheek into a quick suction of the cheek, until it pops.
Derived from the word quaff, which is to drink something without mercy.
My wife was in the basement watching television when, all of a sudden, I jumped up on her for a squaff on her cheek and squaffed it till it popped.
by Red Jorickson October 22, 2007
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