A word used to describe a person who deliberately seeks the smell of a fart for their own personal desires. Whether the individual likes the smell or not varies but either way the desire is so overwhelming.
Example 1: "Man! I heard this hot as chick fart today. I just couldn't help but squaf her fart"

Example 2: "DUDE! Lester is such a squaffing mofo!"
by Luke Anderson November 16, 2007
Top Definition
A threesome with 2 guys and one girl where the guys pull a fast one and begin to have sex with each other, leaving the girl to watch.
Yo bro I heard you were in a squaf last night!
I heard Tucker and Luke were going down on a girl then completely pulled a squaf on her ass!
by Brian and Tucker January 31, 2008
The act of giving some bitch a MASSIVE bukkake
"Peter squaffed all over Denise's face while Luke was doing her through the butthole and Albert ate her"
by yerrowfeverw May 17, 2010
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