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One who likes to bang girls. Or one who walks the street looking for action
he is a spyda. he pulled a spyda
by RJ September 24, 2004
Spidur rawx mai wurld <3

It's Spyda...'nuff said

<3 teh spyda ^_^
by Dooalitee September 26, 2004
The greatest person on earth; Your holy god.
Spyda > you.
Spyda is so secksy.
by pewp September 24, 2004
A scandalous female who is willing to do anything to get what SHE wants, also attracted to cock and drama.
That's the problem with bitches, their all spydas!
by shesAChemspyda August 05, 2008
A Poor Man Who sells his socks for a little cash. Preferably he sells them one at a time.
Lets Go Pull A spyda and pay my cable bill! BIYAH!!!
by alkudsafe January 16, 2007
1)a friend(s); 2)A mother's hairy vagina; 3)to scramble in confusion; 4)a creep/lurking mysteriously
"What's up Spyda's?"

"So we were sitting on the couch with Jack and his mom and she went to cross her legs and we got a nasty glimpse of her spyda!!"

"I was so late for class that I was spydaing around like a chicken without a head"

"Matt was being a real spyda by spydaing around the girls bathroom at the club the other night."
by TomC97 August 27, 2008

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