A ncrappy band that yes, can not do a cover of nirvana, however, when trying, weren't trying to make it good. The purpose was to fill time, not to impress fat annoying assholes like Josh steinberg. By the way you fat wreck, it would be pronounced bad-band. The 'd' is not an extra syllable, you dumb dip shit
Spud sucks some major ass, even though they're better than anything Josh has ever done, and ever will.
by Jeremy Hammond February 01, 2003
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Have some spuds wit' dat meatloaf.
by gring cabron up in Lenoir nc October 20, 2003
A boy, especially around ages 13-14, whose balls haven't dropped yet. This phrase comes from the book "Spud".
"My balls haven't dropped yet."
"So you're a spud..."
by zbcu February 11, 2008
A particularly inneffective person, thing or action. Usually in the sporting arena but can be used for a variety of professions.
Did you see Mitchell Johnson bowl in the 2nd Ashes Test at Lords? He's such a spud.
by lovedear July 22, 2009
(British) The archetype of eccentricity.

Who "Spud" was is no longer known - but certainly, the name comes to mind whenever a somewhat extraordinary individual is encountered. This mysterious figure has, in some parts of England, come to embody all that is strange, but harmless.
"I saw this man in town...and woah, he was just like Spud!"
by Dr Apple January 05, 2005
upon greeting a friend, a fist is stuck out and thses fists touch resembling a mutual appreciation of eachother. the fist is said to resembe a spud.
safe man, spud dat,(puts out fist)
by benajni October 10, 2007
slang for potatoe
im going to boil some spuds
by rick sankwoski October 31, 2002
1. A potato

2. A boy who has not hit puberty.

3. A follower of the new wave band Devo. Used almost exclusively among fans
1. Dad: Let's have some spuds for dinner!

2. I have no pubes, I guess that makes me a spud

3 Are you spuds going to the Devo show?
by A spud who cares March 17, 2011

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