a town in Illinois which recently got torn up by a tornado!it might be the the most boring town which has more abraham lincoln memorabila than you know have ever imagined!The president came here once so that makes its boring points go wayy down.Everyone that lives here basically hates it but we all call it home so springfield will forever be in our hearts as the place we grew up or sent one good or bad memory in
I live in Springfield,I hate it,but seceretly i love it.
by jlovee March 19, 2006
If you niggaz dont already know springfield massachusetts is tha shit We the home of the dopest lifestyles around and dont nobody fuck with a springfield nigga and get away woith it for real bruhh if you dont give respect the the realest fuckin town in the state of Mass then you can get da fuck out cuz we dont fuck with bum ass bitches like you. We got the realest gangs schools and ballers around damn muthafucka we the home of basketball muthafucka thats right I said BASKETBALL you think we need your bitch ass when we the fuckin inventors of the goddamn NBA forreal nigga if it wasnt for us your bitch ass wouldnt even be able to say ball is life so check yourself and fuck up before you cross the wrong niggaq who pop a cap in yo sorry ass for dropping shit on his city. Like muthafucka we drink vodka for breakfast you little bitch you think you can fuck with that damn boi you do not fuckin want in smh get the fuck out you pussy and dont ever talk shit bout Bangfield again for one of my gang boy niggas puts a glock to your sorry ass head smh little bitch
Some bitch ass niggas from Longmeadow wanted to talk shit likr they had a big game but the ballers from Springfield put them in thier place real quick. #Bangfield #Fuckboys
by KINGMARKS October 14, 2014
1. The town the Simpsons live in
2. One of 5 trillion towns in states across the U.S.
1. I wish I could live in Springfield and meet the Simpsons.
2. Why the fuck are there so many Springfields?!
by Carrie Moner July 14, 2013
The place where the Simpson family lives. If you want to visit the place, well too bad. It is not real and if you are going to cry to your mommy then go, nothing will happen. Springfield was founded by a man named sprungfeld, a trechurous man who tried to assassinate George Washington
Let's use Springfield to shoot our movie, it has a nuclear powerplant.
by Joe the Schmoe May 19, 2005
A bitchin' town in Central New Jersey. It's not an amazing vacation spot, but it's a nice place to live.
I have to give an example.
by Zach G. November 11, 2003
Municipality in South Eastern Manitoba, Canada. Was once a School district named after said district. Same district now called "Sunrise"
springfield is near my home town
by Jessiblah February 19, 2006
Township on the northwest border of Philadelphia, in Montgomery County (Not to be confused with Springfield Delco).

Consists of Oreland, Flourtown, Erdenheim, and Wyndmoor.

Home of G-Maf, which, although it has a corny name, will destroy you.

309 goes through Springfield. As does route 73 (Church Road) and Bethlehem Pike. Bordered by Philadelphia to the south across Stenton Avenue, and sorta to the east. North by Upper Dublin Township across Pennsylvania Ave. West by Whitemarsh Township. East by Cheltenham Township.
I took Bethlehem Pike down to Springfield and got fucked up by G-Maf. They're harder than they sound.
by Isaiah Jenkins August 30, 2005

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