The capital city of the great state of Illinois. It is one of the top five largest cities in Illinois, with a population of over 112,000. It is located in the west-central area of the state, which makes it more accessable to the rest of Illinois.
Springfield was the home of Abraham Lincoln, the president responsible for restoring the union and keeping the nation from being torn in two, and also freeing the black slaves in the South and parts of the Midwest, such as Kentucky and Missouri.
The city has a reasonably good skyline for it's size. The two largest and tallest buildings in Springfield are the Springfield Hilton Hotel, and the Illinois State Capital building.
Springfield, Illinois is the capital of Illinois.
by I'm Not a Lib March 16, 2005
Best town in Union County, runs all other towns. Bullshitting through school by day and getting blazed as hell by night is what a Springfielder does best. Doesnt have a downtown because we dont need one. Dayton pride, magnet and private schools = gheyer than the sequel to waiting. Weekend means getting drunk as hell and smoking as many j's as one can afford. A Springfielder actually appreciates what they have, because unlike snobby rich kids from other towns, we work for our cash. The top is for jews, the bottom is for life. Right next to union for those needed Dairy Queen trips. When you go out at 3am, expect to see a bunch of kids walking around with slushees (PC & NG cred). Yeah we head to westfield downtown every once in a while, but that's just because we need something to laugh at. Oh you're from millburn? Guess who doesn't care? Everyone.

Springhood pride, drive fast with the radio maxed and the windows down, hit us up on the east side where the real shit goes down. Kenilworth's chill, RP's ight, mountainside homies, but don't forget your skin color. Union has bros but got its pick of losers. Maplewoods alrite, Summit got it's share of gangsters and gays. Springfield will mess up any other town in a fight, don't forget it. We don't have gangs, we have friends. Outsiders looking for trouble find it fast. Dont bring no weps, skin like the old days if you're a man.
Guy 1: You know the town Springfield right?
Guy 2: Like from the simpsons?
Guy 1: No the one in jersey.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, that towns the shit. Springfield blood run deep, got more history then you could fit in a book. Gets boring sometimes though.
Guy 1: Yeah, thats why we go to Westfield to find some losers to laugh at.
Guy 2: HAHA westfield kids are fagggggs.
Guy 1: Uh duh. Their mayor had an affair with a dude.

Bro A: Yo man I need some stuff, you know where to get?
Bro B: Hit up a Springfielder, they always got that good shit.
Bro A: True, they always got the high quality product..
Bro B: Stay friendly though, they'll kill anyone who acts like an enemy. Stay true though and you got homies for life.
Bro A: Forreal.
by That one at one-twelve - 'P April 22, 2010
A terrible growth on top of Eugene, Oregon.
Hey, lets go to springfield tonight and pick up some hookers at safeway.
by Johnson McGillicutty August 10, 2008
A fairly large city in southwest Missouri. Springfield is home to a fairly fun and night-lifey downtown area, A shitload of really conservative christians, Enough money for a couple nice car dealers and an occasional Porche sighting, A big Bass Pro, a really good pizza shoppe (Pizza House), and not much else.

If you are higher-middle class, conservative christian, and BORING, live south of Sunshine. If you aren't, live north of Sunshine or MOVE!
Joe: "I live in a snotty little neighborhood in Springfield, MO where I walk my 4000 dollar shi tzu across my award winning chemical sprayed lawn. I go to an AG, would you like to be saved?"
by Wolfie Rae June 03, 2009
There are a lot of towns in the United States named Springfield. There's one in Massachusetts, another in Illinois, and another in Missouri, all with over 100,000 people. There are other Springfields that are smaller. Ohio has one between Dayton and Columbus on Interstate 70. Virginia has one near Washington, DC. It gets a lot of traffic on Interstate 95 and has a very confusing interchange. There are even smaller Springfields in Vermont and Indiana. Finally, it's that town where The Simpsons live.
There are too many cities called Springfield in this country it driver me crazy
by cuberham12 June 20, 2010
Springfeild contains bunch of fat yellow people that go around making fart jokes.
by Side show bill May 27, 2009
Local abbreviation of Springfield University Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Tooting, South London.

It was fouded in the 1840s, originally known as Surrey County Lunatic Asylum.

For some reason, it is bordered by several schools, which is rather freaky.
"If you're not careful, you'll end up in Springfield"

"Just look at her, shouting to herself, must be from springfield innit"

by Morela April 26, 2008

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