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painful technical wrestling move used to finsih opponentts by bret 'hitman' hart in his 20 year career.
'he's locking in the sharpshooter!'
by Hitman fan September 23, 2003
A very classy man who knows how to smooth talk his way out or into anything.
Man John always gets into the clubs! He's a damn sharp shooter when it comes to bouncers.
by School-bus-bus November 21, 2007
The act of two people, traditionally a man and woman, urinating in unison into a common toilet. For a proper sharp shooter the woman, or one person, must be urinating while sitting on the toilet while the man, or other person, is standing facing her or him urinating between his or her legs into said toilet.
That was a clean sharp shooter, I barely got any pee on your legs!
by volcomvw July 15, 2011
A recreational drug user who uses needles to get high.

The phrase is derived from sharps (a term for used needles and injection gear), and shooting up (slang for injecting drugs).
Yo is that Dawson over there? Go ask her for some clean gear, she's a sharp shooter too!
by Geometrix November 19, 2015
When a male is able to shoot or aim his cum at a direct target from close or a far. Usually takes talent and skill to do it perfect
The first time they fucked she got pregnant. She had no idea he was a sharp shooter.

While she was giving him a great blow job out of no where the sharp shooter got her straight in the throat without hitting her teeth.
by mistress sunkiss March 19, 2015
When you're doing a chick doggy-style and when you're about to blow your load you spit on her back so she thinks you're done and she turns around, that's when you squirt one in her eye.
Sally didn't wash my dishes last night, so later, when we were having sex, I surprised her with a Sharpshooter.
by Richard Bonyerd December 05, 2004
a sweet-ass song by the band motorhead which is fronted by the legendary "sex god" lemmy
i was listening to sharpshooter last night it rocked
by btf'07' December 21, 2007
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