Township on the northwest border of Philadelphia, in Montgomery County (Not to be confused with Springfield Delco).

Consists of Oreland, Flourtown, Erdenheim, and Wyndmoor.

Home of G-Maf, which, although it has a corny name, will destroy you.

309 goes through Springfield. As does route 73 (Church Road) and Bethlehem Pike. Bordered by Philadelphia to the south across Stenton Avenue, and sorta to the east. North by Upper Dublin Township across Pennsylvania Ave. West by Whitemarsh Township. East by Cheltenham Township.
I took Bethlehem Pike down to Springfield and got fucked up by G-Maf. They're harder than they sound.
by Isaiah Jenkins August 30, 2005
The Springfield that Zach G. describes is the one I'm from. I agree that it's a pretty good place. Not too far away from NYC, okay schools, good history, and a very good diversity of people including groups such as blacks, jews, Puerto Ricans, Costa Ricans,Italians, Mulattoes, Colombians, Jamaicans,Chileans, Russians, and yes, even Albanians. The main thing i fell wrong with it is that too many people try to think they're ghetto. Folks, if you're living in any place called Springfield, I feel that you're automatically disqualified for being ghetto. You can be cool and be in Springfield but you're in no conceivable way ghetto completely as long as Springfield remains suburban. other then this gripe, it's all cool.
Springfield is the next best place next to true NYC due to proximity and atttitude.
by The Almight Lizard King November 06, 2004
A suck ass town. U may have heard Zach G. Talk about it. WHAT HE SAID IS BULLSHIT. Are parks are condemed for having biohazardeous chemicals and lead beneath the soil. Are schools suck... there is piss on the walls, all lunch ladies fuck the Turkey, Are teachers are anti semitic, and half of the school doesn't get heat. We also waist all of are money to try and be like other towns. Sadly we lack the good parts other towns have. We also have an estimate that 78% of the high schoolers have smoked weed once
Springfield is like the crappy version of idaho... Also we put the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee back in weed
by SUPER SOY BOY January 19, 2005
a rich ass town in pennsylvania where every house is a single n n theyre all snobs
snobby ass rich ppl
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
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