A sauce similar to Thousand Island dressing used at In n Out to flavor burgers and fries.
Employee: Guest # 306 please!
You: Can I get some spread?
Employee: How many?
You: 2 please
#in n out #fast food #thousand island #spraed #animal style #fries
by CORE KeyMaker October 14, 2009
Top Definition
the act of a female opening her legs for sexual favors.
Bitch, spread for me.
by Renn Murk November 24, 2003
"Gourmet" inmate meal, as shown to me by the lovely ladies at the Williamson County (TN) Jail, "recipe" is as follows..... 1 pkg ramen noodles and seasoning pack (preferably chili flavor)- crushed, 1 "$0.99" size bag of cheetos (preferably "japaleno")- crushed, 1/4 "meat stick"- cut into small pieces, 1 cheese stick- small pieces. Combine all ingredients in a commissary issued tumbler and shake to mix. Add enough hot water to cover and stir, pour into the cheeto bag and let sit for 5 minutes. Carefully open the bag at the seam, top with mayo or ranch packet and ENJOY!
"Hey girl, you got any Cheetos?"
"Yeah, what's up, you hungry?"
"Damn right, this county food is bullshit, let's make a spread"
#jail #food #ramen #cheeto #spread
by ms fin January 15, 2008
The land which belongs to someone.
They had a 4 acre spread on the outskirts of "town" and a large gun collection. They were afraid of the government.
#property #land #country #rural #desert rat #compound #ranch #sprawl
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 20, 2010
mixing top ramen noodles, mayonaise, chips and usually any other kind of junk and mixing it all together and eating it.
Check it out, yo! I put hot cheetos in my spread and it turned pink!
#prison spread #prison food #ramen noodles #food #junk
by Paperdoll2207 July 17, 2008
Someone attractive, a good looking person.
Elizabeth: damn, look at my boyfriend. He's my spread.

Evelyn: coo.
#swag #pimp #daddy #twerk #vallejo
by big poppa, bitch. May 05, 2013
When a large breasted woman wears a tight shirt, it refers to the "ripples" in her shirt between her breasts.
"Woah bro, check out the nice spread on that broad."
#cleavage #sweater puppets #ripples #the spread #mountain passes
by foshee p February 07, 2006
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