Bad name for a style in Gunz:The Duel
While some people may really be not aiming at their targets at all, sprayers can be quite skilled also. The K-style (korean style, with lots of sword-fighting and wall-jumping) may look more elegant, SMG can be quite efficient too. Players who get killed by SMG or sometimes even rifles can't seem too not insult the people that seem to do well with this style. There are indeed many non-skilled sprayers, but don't think they'll spare you if you just use a SMG.
by reinier den toom August 03, 2007
a noob in a game called gunz the duel that doesnt have any skills so they buy smg's or rifles and unload. because of them there is a paucity of kstylers in the game
kstyler: (bf'ing) shazaam shazaam i killed you

Sprayer: (sprays kstyler in back) Pwned Noob

Kstyler: get some skills bullet whore
by dirty_h0 May 25, 2007
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