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What is screamed whilst running through a crowded mall, after ingesting a combination of too many Tootsie Roll midgies and Dr. Pepper.
Danny: "SPORGE!!!"

(Mall Rent-A-Cop) "We've got a 159 near the Hot Topic, we're gonna need back-up..."

Danny: (now running) "SPORRRRRGE!"
#dr. pepper #tootsie roll #sugar high #mall #insanity
by jude7265 August 06, 2008
A greenish-brownish solution that looks disgusting but can be quite delicious.
Green Kool-Aid can be considered sporge.
by David September 22, 2004
variant of "spooge"

Semen. If you don't know what that is, try to think back to the sex video they showed you in fifth grade.
Hey Bob, you've got some sporge on your chin.

Getting sporge in your eye can spread AIDS.
by Matt April 21, 2005
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