a slang or curd of the word spastic battle whore used to describe others.
gosh that girl a the party was such a spore
by Megarticus July 25, 2006
This word stands for >> stupid people on rental equipment. It was made after many many stupid manouvers.
Look at that stupid spore heading towards the open water on his snowmobile.

There are seven of the spores on one machine.
by Permafrost November 04, 2004
Epic infectious agent immortalised in the DJ Rubbish song of the same name.
"Crowded and noise and screaming and suddenly it feels like I'm the only one there"

"Thats because you are the only one there.
Your the only one left.
Your the only one with breath left inside your lungs cos everyone else has got SPORES"
by DJ Ashby March 11, 2005
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