Abbreviation of Singapore.
im frm s'pore, whr u frm dude?
by Hui San October 16, 2007
Made famous by "MADE". It abreviates: Stupid Person On Rental Equiptment. Most commonly used when skiing/boarding.
"Theres a dirrerence between snowboarding and being a snowboarder. You don't want to be a SPORE do you?" "No" "Do you know what a SPORE is?" "No" "A Stupid Person On Rental Equiptment" "Oh".
by Occasional_contributor June 28, 2010
Stupid People On REntal Skis. Skiing term for clueless beginners
"The trail was blocked by a pack of spores"
by skea May 23, 2005
A very Nerdy person. Most of the time is playing Video Games like MineCraft, WOW, DS games and pokemon. This people are virgins for there whole lifes and have never even touched a girl. They usualy spend there time watching anime and game review videos. They wear glasses and Hawaien shirts. They wake up very early and got to bed very early. Wear sunglasses inside. Have bad acne. Love goth girls AKA tunies. Usualy die at a very young age due to the amount of semen they never use.
Woow Bro you have been playing that game for so long. Your a total spore.
by THEMACHINE8mm April 04, 2011
EA's biggest disappointment since The Sims.

Spore was made out to be a huge, ground breaking game. But sadly, all the fun of the game is in the creature creator which can be downloaded for free.
Ol' Chap #1: Check out this thing I made in Spore.

Ol' Chap #2: Cool. How does it play?

Ol' Chap #1: I dunno, I don't care enough to play with it. But it looks cool.
by damawesome February 17, 2009
A wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overhyped game released by EA

consists of bore. lots of bore.
oh wow i can pick berries and click on other spore
by PooMasterFlash October 12, 2008
a slang or curd of the word spastic battle whore used to describe others.
gosh that girl a the party was such a spore
by Megarticus July 25, 2006

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