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Mysterious beings responsible for shitting in random places. Phantom shitters start out as people who experiment with shitting beside toilets in their local wal-marts. The phantom shitter finds this to be thrilling, and quickly migrates to better shitting grounds.

A phantom shitter often targets dressing rooms, clothing rings, and wal-mart drinking fountains.

Once a phantom shitter reaches the boss level, he or she may begin shitting on shopping mall floors.

Clever phantom shitters will secure jobs as janitors or security guards. This gives them access to shitting locations like no other. Cash machines, shoe boxes, supervisors desks, furniture, xbox 360 disk drives, the list goes on.
guy: I found a pile of green shit in the center of a clothing ring at JC penny.

guy2: phantom shitter strikes again!
by PooMasterFlash September 14, 2008
Helps constipation.

Protip: Excess consumtion of metamucil fiber will lead to explosive diarrhea before long.
I hadent taken a shit in 3 days so I ate 4 metamucil fiber wafers...all seemed well untill I spent the night sitting on the toilet with lava poop.
by PooMasterFlash October 12, 2008
A wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overhyped game released by EA

consists of bore. lots of bore.
oh wow i can pick berries and click on other animals...ye spore
by PooMasterFlash October 12, 2008
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