A general expression of amusement, pleasure, happiness, joy etc.
Can be applied to almost any situation
1. I just no scoped that guy, SPLURGE!
2. That girl made me want to splurge.
by pearface1991 February 22, 2009
when u go a long time without masterbating and u sit next to a fine ass chick in class and u cum in your pants
Holy shit dude the new girl was so fine that i splurged all over my pants
by hatedforsex April 10, 2007
More than a brain-fart, a complete meltdown of the brain, especially when achieved in front of other people, who will note it. Particularly prominent in South Pasadena, and well, the world.

Also can be used as a noun for someone who constantly achieves this mental reatardation.
That girl was giving the answer to the teacher and nobody knew what she was talking about. Even the teacher laughed. She was mad SPLURG-ing.

David Suh is such a SPLURGE.
by South Pasadena Resident August 20, 2005
bust a nut
shut up before i splurge on your face, bitch!
by god October 25, 2003
To get bursted on by another person.
I just got splurged on!
by hizu June 03, 2007
Something that Hunter does every night.
Hunter told Josh and I that he splurges everynight. He wishes that some girl will someday do it for him.
by Queen Bee March 31, 2003
to let go sweet sticky cum*
to let the moo juice spill
to let the splurge spill in yea womens mouth and/or down the breasts..(enjoying and pain staking)
i let out a splurge and got biatch slapped
by bob hastle February 15, 2004

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