misspelling of superglue
I cant get this Splurge off my hands.
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
After a prolonged period without sex or masturbation a large amount of seamen is ejaculated quite violently across a great distance, often leads to bloobies .
Oh man i just splurged in my eye!
#ejaculate #cum #release moo juice #spunk #bloobies
by Mateus June 14, 2006
1. having sex or being/acting like a hoe

2. baggin' or get to know someone

3. go out & do you
1. that bitch was splurgin at that party on Friday

2. Boy - i'm tryna splurge tonight

3. Girl - me & my boyfriend broke up! i'm splurgin tonight
#whoring around #baggin' #smuttin' off #partying #splurgebucket
by xkimberlee June 09, 2009
A general expression of amusement, pleasure, happiness, joy etc.
Can be applied to almost any situation
1. I just no scoped that guy, SPLURGE!
2. That girl made me want to splurge.
#ejaculation #sex #gaming #love #girls
by pearface1991 February 22, 2009
To Sleep with a partner or friend with no care to where limbs are placed! The occasional slap on the face or knock on genetalia is common. Similar to sprawl however people often sprawl on their own and wiv splurging deliberate contact may occur!
Geoff: are we going to spoon tonight?
Gary: No!
Geoff: So we are sporking
Gary: Nah tonight i feel i want to splurge
#spooning #sporking #sleeping #night #sexytime
by jBridget9 August 10, 2008
when u go a long time without masterbating and u sit next to a fine ass chick in class and u cum in your pants
Holy shit dude the new girl was so fine that i splurged all over my pants
#splurge #cum #masterbation #sperm #sex
by hatedforsex April 10, 2007
An evil indulgence causing bank accounts to suffer.

ha i was right kristen
To splurge is evil to bank accounts.
#sheng #was #right #ha #kristen
by fruity April 01, 2006
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