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able to put you in the mood
sexy as they come--
a moment you will always remember (atleast in your pants)
wooff was she a sexualant
by bob hastle February 15, 2004
*when the ass region feels hot wet and murkey...
hey hunni get the baby's desiten i have swamp ass for the third time this week!
by bob hastle February 20, 2004
a person who is considered an evil bitch who went out with your boyfriend and is still obsessed with him....she is usully nerdy and has fat legs...
That girl sarah is my boyfriend*s sarnick!!!
by bob hastle February 21, 2005
to stick ure thumb up a gurls hole...and make it go round and round thrustly(the only way to know if you do it right is to ask)
i gave a thumb some to my gurl n she freaked!!!!!!!!
by bob hastle February 15, 2004
fat person that wears a thong...and the but cheecks flap around(usually said by male partner)
hun your ass looks like dumbo ears!!
by bob hastle February 20, 2004
to let go sweet sticky cum*
to let the moo juice spill
to let the splurge spill in yea womens mouth and/or down the breasts..(enjoying and pain staking)
i let out a splurge and got biatch slapped
by bob hastle February 15, 2004
beautiful gurl with sexy moves..great smile n perfect boobs*
nice ass n blazin lips*
perfect in every single way except wen she gets naugtay :\
that gurl is such a juliahna* i hate her!!!!!
by bob hastle February 14, 2004
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