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If I Sploodge while watching my sister get undressed am I pervert even tho I was actually thinking about my dad?
by Scrooge McFuck July 19, 2003
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1- The act of ejaculation, release of semen, male orgasm

2- Semen, sperm

3- That kid from high school that had a really high voice and wanted in your pants(regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or sexual attractiveness). However, a sploodge is unlikely to act on their impulses, for they have very few social skills, and are instead content to watch you quietly (albeit with heavy breathing).

4- To rub one's ribs softly to catch their attention

5- A sentient asexual organism resembling a flatworm from the planet Nur'Dzayven
1- "I just sploodged!"

2- "Hey Mitch, there's some sploodge on your face."

3- "Hey Sploodge, what's up?... No don't touch me... We're just talking here."

4- "Eew!!! Stop sploodging me!!!"

5- "Eew!"
"What is?"
"I don't know! Come Look!"
"Eew! Step on it! That's nasty!"
by Dildo Flint May 31, 2008
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getiing shot with sperm or shooting your sperm
by ajm April 04, 2003
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(not to be confused with splodge)

1. Verb - The act of plopping a liquid onto another.

2. Onomatopoeia - The sound made when a dense liquid drops into a thinner one.
1. OMG... It sploodged!

2. Poop makes a loud sploodge when it hits the toilet water.
by Lord_of_all_humans August 30, 2006
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i was having to really sploodge hard before i crapped myself
by parky August 15, 2003
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